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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Could it be we're getting variants akin to that of the 90's?! If true, there may yet be great potential for this toyline. Also the Kirby Bat thing is interesting, now I'm wondering if that's the weird not-Wingnut bat mutant we saw in the season 2 trailer. April's Dad getting mutated... hmm.

What strips your post of its credibility is the fact it has Rahzar (which is weird enough on it's own, but no Tokka?). Bebop & Rocksteady are a red flag too, unless those are supposed to be Classics, but that raises another question- Are we supposed to get Tokka/Rahazar Classics too?
Not really concerned about credibility. As I've mentioned here before, I'm a fan who's just excited to share news with other fellow fans. So believe me or not. I've posted this sort of thing before & been proven 100% right shortly after. If it helps, here's some screenshots from my computer at work.
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