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Full House To Return

TGIF classic family sitcom 1987-1995 is in the early stages of devleopment of setting up a sequel. Its said to revolve around both DJ and Stephanie, hope it will not be like the ill fated Brady Brides but having grown up with the series and watching it in syndication to this day I am excited at the possibilty of what awaits. At times people were not all on board speciifcally Saget wanting to go back to his roots and Stamos's typecast fear. Stamos is much more interested these days and the only holdout might be the world of fashion beckoning the Oslen twins specically the edgier Mary Kate. I do wonder if its related to the Boys Meets World sequel that also has such a fan following and a cotemporary series of the TGIF same lineup. Its just in the pre-production stage but hope it goes full speed ahead. Thoughts?

Thoer links to the info if it does not work above.
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