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Originally Posted by Leolead View Post
I have no problem with the faces, they're ugly because they're mutated Turtles, the more I look at it the more I want those faces, they actually look like real Turtles.
Look at that, we kind of agree!

They still look too much like tortoises rather than turtles in the face, and not into the ultra high nose, the odd feet and body proportions, but ultimately, yes to more turtle less human.

@ Jester - I'm also not a fan of the High Shell.

And YES to no trace of Shrek, or the Actors faces.

The gun thing, and the clothes, need to go far, far, far away. Why do the artists keep thinking the turtles need to be more "bad-ass". The words "bad" and "ass" have lost all meaning.

Bad ass isn't shooting someone with a gun; it's attacking them with gardening tools, and winning.
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