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Originally Posted by pennydreadful View Post
Who needs to watch soaps when we have the Technodrome Forums?

I'm thinking of nicknaming the forums as "The 'Drome Place" (Technodrome Forums + Melrose Place drama = 'Drome Place) since all this stuff happens with mostly young adults in one giant apartment complex-- Uh... I mean in one giant forum area.

It has your eccentric characters/users, sexually-charged threads, tirades and insults, explosions (aka controversial or divisive topics; such as the impending explosive thread about Laird's critique of the 2014 movie), having multiple usernames and trolling (disguising true identities), alliances/cliques being formed and against each other, people vying for power (aka a few users wanting to be 'Drome moderators), plus angst-themed threads. ...All the components needed for a soap opera, right?

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