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Mostly Utroms

A combination of focusing on Utroms and struggling to find a comfortable turtle design for myself has led to 98% of my tmnt stuff being Utroms. Mostly fitting in its own universe, and inspired by my personal greatest question revolving around IDW Krang: "Where is his mother?"

The answer I've made for myself is "she's dead". And then I ended up creating a whole character around it, which now has become a story on its own.

Her name was Temre and she was one of Krang's predecessors as General.

She came from a large military family. Her scar comes from saving a stranded exploration team from some of the native life on Morbus; she injured fending them off, but was ultimately mortally wounded by Traxus when Krang was extremely young.

Deviantart link for the whole biography:

I tend to not work in watercolor, but I had some leftover paint from a prior project and came out with Krang's first escape on Morbus

One thing I really want to put together is a speculation on Utrom anatomy, which I've been struggling with for a while. It's not easy, especially considering that I'm not a professional biologist and physically could not handle dissections in high school.

Finally for now, the (fairly old in my art development time) comic from which my icon comes from. Pretty much a summary of the last time Krang saw his father. I put the pieces together and couldn't pass up the opportunity.

I have combined Utrom Empire, Stare Dad, and This is Fine Dog, and I am unashamed. It will probably be recreated in accordance to how I've improved in the last several months since this one.

There's still a lot more I've done, but I'm not sure if they'd comply with the rules?
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