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Originally Posted by bushido View Post
I wonder if Paramount commissioned a comic book adaptation of the recent movies or are they unaware that it's also a comic and not just a cartoon from the 80s? By the way did the production contacted you at some point?
For the first movie, Tom and I drove up to LA to read a draft of the script (what the actual film ended up being was a bit different). At the time IDW had not had great success with movie-tie-in books, so there wasn't a great pressure for us to do something on either side. Tom and I didn't think there was a lot of creative opportunity for us to do something on the comic side, so we declined to do anything with the movie.

Nothing has come up since, we haven't been contacted or read the script for the second film, you guys probably know more about it than I do.

Fun story though, Tom and I completely plotted the Northampton story arc during that ride up to LA. Fond memories!
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