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Originally Posted by myconius View Post
i'll be honest i DID NOT pick up on Koya the first read!
and when i saw that on the second time through it was a pretty nice surprise!

i wish TMNT Infestation 2 had more to it that just the 2 issues!!
it seemed like it ended just as it was getting started.

it could have used at least one more issue?
(and more gore! LOTS MORE gore!!!)
I'm pretty sure Nickelodeon wanted it swept under the rug. We butted heads. It wasn't as fun an experience as I'd hoped it would be. The second issue had a lot of 11th hour rewrites and was changed into something pretty different from what was originally intended because mid way through my working on it there was a change in the management at Nick. What I originally wrote had a lot more ambiguity to it. It was as Lovecraftian as I could make it, but the new powers at Nick didn't like it, and at this point the OLD powers-that-be had signed off on it. We basically had to rewrite the second half to completely change the story at the last minute because Nickelodeon suddenly had a direction they were taking the brand in. I get it, and from what I understand a lot of those teething problems from the early days are long, long gone, I just wish things were a little different then. It didn't help that I was juggling art on Ghostbusters and hadn't written in years, so I was lagging and some of the problems we had to work around basically made me lock up because I couldn't think of a decent way around it, but that first issue is one of my favourite things I've worked on.

Funnily enough, I wrote it as a Mirage story. The first draft actually opened like an issue of Tales with the whole "Let me tell you a story..." thing. There was actually art that had all four Turtles with their red masks, too. That was changed when it was decided they'd change in the comics, but I think this story ended up coming out just before the change happened in the main story. I do remember taking a small amount of heat for it online too.

Thanks for the kind words on it, too!
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