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I'm really, really excited about this, yo. Back in August, I posted this in the "Your Ideal Turtles Show" thread-

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
I wanna see Andy Suriano's vision for the TMNT. He did all that character concept art that got rejected. It's weird as hell & could make for a very interesting change of pace.
& just 5 months later my dream came true! Wow! I genuinely think this series is in great hands. Andy's one creative son of a gun. He's big on action & zaniness, his vision will definitely be wacky as hell, but in a good way. I have a feeling it will be reminiscent of Nickelodeon & CN's 90's cartoons humor-wise, with Samurai-Jack tier action. A recipe I'd most certainly welcome with open arms. For those who are unaware, he's been intimately involved with the TMNT brand since Viacom bought them. He's done virtually all of the product design for the Nick series, as well as the DVD cover art, promotional pieces for season debuts, packaging for Playmates, you name it. Any piece of 2D Nick series art you see, on t-shirts, for example, that's our guy. Hell, most of the 3D render pieces you see, their poses are based on his sketches. Even the OOTS Bebop & Rocksteady shots from Crush soda. I was fortunate enough to meet him at a convention & gush about the property for 20 mins or so (got a commission too), he's super cool, humble, & passionate about his work. His original comic is really wild, somewhat reminds me of the turtles' space adventures from Mirage, actually. Y'all owe him an objective eye, he's gonna do some cool stuff, I'm certain. Most of you already like his art, ya just didn't know his name!

It's too early to say given we don't have too much to go on, but this series sounds a lot like the one Playmates originally pitched in 1987. Pairing their intentions of exploring mysticism within the confines of a sludgy NYC with Andy, whose rejected designs for the last show were very much in the vein of their earliest villain concepts like Tom Sawyer & Bowmaster, makes me wonder if they actually are updating that original pitch. Despite my distaste for their current product offerings, I do love that old-school Playmates flavor, so it could be pretty amazing. I'm open minded. I hope there's more gross-out humor.

Of course many of us want darker stuff that harkens back to Mirage & the first film, but I doubt anyone realistically expected that. We got a lot of darkness in the Nick series at least. Maybe this one will give us the slice of life elements we want.

I know he made a few pitches over the years, I managed to convince him to post the art from one of them a while back.

I wouldn't necessarily take this as a point of reference for what they're doing, since they rejected this one. But it's interesting all the same.

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On that thought, I wonder if this is a factor in them changing the branding for the 2012 series' DVD releases? Trying to differentiate it a bit more with the new show coming?
Funny you'd post that, it's Andy's work!

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