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SPIRIT GUILD: Original Series Made by 'Dromers, Influenced by TMNT

Hello fellow TMNT fans,

I am posting in hopes that you have a spare moment to check out an original fantasy/historical fiction comic book miniseries called SPIRIT GUILD, created by myself (words), Pedro Lajud (art), and Eduardo Camacho (letters). Pedro (pl212 here) and I met on the Technodrome forums, and started our collaboration by writing TMNT fan fiction steeped in the original Mirage timeline - some of you might have read our DONATELLO: DARK ENERGY series. Well, in 2010, we decided to start work on an original series featuring our own anthropomorphic characters, and have tirelessly worked on this concept since then. We are finally ready to show our end-product to the public. While our title is certainly influenced by Eastman & Laird's TMNT on the surface, our real connection to the Turtles in SPIRIT GUILD is the exploration of the bonds of brotherhood, and what it takes to stand united in opposition to evil.

takes place on Long Island, New York in 1776 and follows four gifted spirit warriors from planet Rancientia—BLAKEN, MARSTON, ROWEN, and SEDDUS—against PAN, a powerful Rancientian spirit who possessed the body of a British officer on Earth. The cunning Pan plans to rule the planet by reaping its energies and controlling its inhabitants. The four warriors take long-tailed weasels as earthly hosts and develop grand powers in their new bodies to counter Pan and his apocalyptic vision for Earth.

The below image is taken from page 9 of Issue #1, and showcases our heroes in all their glory (top left: MARSTON, bottom left: ROWEN, top right: BLAKEN, bottom right: SEDDUS):

You can read the first nine pages of issue #1, along with in-depth historical/setting details and character biographies, directly on our website - We would love to get the opinions and support of fellow TMNT fans. After all, the Turtles spawned our love of reading and creating comics. Drop us a line and let us know what you think! Thank you for reading.


After the silver-tongued spirit Pan escaped from Rancientia to Earth, possessed a British officer, and sparked the American Revolution, spirit warriors Blaken, Marston, Rowen, and Seddus took long-tailed weasels as hosts and developed extraordinary powers to counter Pan and his apocalyptic vision for Earth.

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