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Originally Posted by martinitolove View Post

1. Finally we've got Toshiro (Tatsu) in IDW universe! Thank you!!!

I'm wondering why didn't they name him Tatsu right away? Are there some legal reasons?

2. My compliments, Sophie Campbell! I love that small details in your art - the cat on the bed, the foot sign on Tatsu's back and those red triangles over his nipples I wonder what are they good for?

3. Hayashi Toru - is he a completely new character? Has he something to do with the director or "My Wife is a Female Ninja"?

4. Is Natsu a wink to Soul Calibur's Kunoishi?

Great work, merci!!!
Toshiro's been around since the Karai micro.

I was told the Tatsu name is off the table, because we were gonna have fun naming the bald gal just that. (She is now Natsu! N(ot T)atsu! (;
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