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NECA disassembly and re-glue advice

Hey guys

After a bit of advice.

I picked up a genuine NECA mirage Leo off eBay but his knee pad has fallen off, he has no scabbards and only 1 of his swords.

I bought a Chinese blue headband Leo for peanuts and now want to switch the scabbards over to the NECA version and also glue the knee pad back on.

Does anyone have any advice before I start this little project?

For example, my 2 main queries are:
1. Getting the scabbards off the Chinese version without causing too muc damage? Just pull them off? Use a knife?
2. To reapply parts to the NECA version, what is the best type of glue I should use? Iím wary of using traditional super glue as I donít want the plastic to bloom (go white).

Any advice, hints or tips appreciated.

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