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I also miss when we used to have several members in an RP lol. (I think Metroid too, since I'm still allies with him irl, but he's implied that he misses it.) I've tried to find others to join the forum to help the RPG section flourish, but all I found were people who were uninterested, autoshippers (their OC was either married to, or the girlfriend/boyfriend of a certain turtle), people who only wanted to be their OC, and people with not-so-great OCs. Personally, I think it's more fair if those who wanna play as an OC, also try to be one or two of the canon characters.

I don't like when someone would expect me and/or others to play as the canon characters, while they're only playing one. "Um. No. I don't f***ing think so. Be 2k12 Casey for all I care. He's a simpleton. Should be easy enough for you." Of course I would only really tell someone that if I'm in a pissy mood, if that sounds to mean? I'll give any canon character a try, but I'm also afraid to chose first sometimes, because what if someone else really wants to play that character??

Mmmaybe I can try start something again. Maybe two RPs. One for only canon, and the other for canon and OCs. Idk for sure yet lol
Most likely not dead, just... not really active much. Guess I must be bored??? Honestly I've just been logging in just to look at my page for anything new, or rereading my CRINGY AF RPs- Usually finding very little to nothing, then leave again. _-_
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