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Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
I bought the game last weekend.

Little bit repetitive, but I like the style. I wish there would be more beacons to travel faster trough all the maps. I lost again Shredder, and now I'm gonna spend half-a-hour to rescue everyone.

I know I can use the vortex (yellow and pink), the helicopter and the moto, but I still have to walk big part of the maps. When you're close to finish the game, it's just annoying to re-walk everything.

Is there a new game + option? If I start a new game, I would be happy to open every red/yellow doors as soon as I find them.
There's a meditation room right next to the area you fight Shredder, save there and reload your save if you die, it's like 2 rooms away, takes only a couple of minutes to reach him this way.

No NG+ though.
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