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Connor O'Bain's customs

Hola Chaps and Chappettes!
Its Been a while but I am kickstarting my creative side in the hopes that I can finish off some of the many (many) customs TMNT customs i have on the go.

and this time instead of spamming up the forum with multiple threads I am just going to have one thread of which i will be updating with new customs and new photos of old customs as i have a new photo set up.

Most of these customs will be for sale unless otherwise stated so if you are interested shoot me a PM.

Anyway! First up is my latest custom Krang in his android body!

Krang is made from a Hero Mashers Juggernaught body/Colossus head with sculpted details. Krang himself is full sculpted but non removable. He stands 7.5 inches tall and has 10 points of articulation.

As always comments/thoughts/criticisms welcome.

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