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Originally Posted by DestronMirage22 View Post
That Krang looks really good. I'm surprised at how well the Hero Mashers base works for him.

As always seeing pics of that Bludgeon blow me away with the quality and amount of dedication you must've put into making it. Makes me wish that we'd get official figures that look that good.

You sir, make great customs!
Thank you

Up next, karai.
Made from the sentinel wave x-23 figure with sculpted details.
Stands 6 inches tall.
17 points of articulation.

This was my last custom before taking a break and looking at it after that break there are a few things i would like to change but in the mean time here she is.

Not so interesting fact the claws from x-23's feet became the front most blades on her shredder gauntlet

as always comments/thoughts/criticisms welcome

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