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What type of online discussion platform do you prefer?

The internet is full of communities for everything: from cartoon discussion to gardening discussion. The thing is, there gave been several different platforms for people all over the world to gather and enter in contact with each other since the earliest days of the internet. Remember how chat rooms were huge back in the late 90s/early 2000s? And then message boards/forums began taking off around the early 21st century? And ofc there were also IM services such as Messenger(Yahoo and MSN).Then Skype showed up and then social networks, which made it even easier for people all over the world to get in touch with their friends and other people.

Where do you prefer to go when it comes to discussing stuff? I'd say nothing beats an internet forum as far as lengthy discussions go. It's just easier to post and read long posts on a message board than it is on a damn facebook wall or reddit. Plus, inf forums you can have avatars and sigs. It kinda saddens me that message boards are a dying breed and that none of the most popular online forums are as active as they used to be.

As far as chatting with people goes, Discord is a rather new and pretty nice service. It's like they took elements from TeamSpeak, Messenger IRC and Skype to make the ultimate IM service.

What about you?
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