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Originally Posted by Katie View Post
My 2 cents which is worth about that.

Kim Jong Un has one motivation: to stay in power. I feel like he's pretty insecure about (or paranoid about) how the senior party members and military in DPRK see him. (As evidenced by the high level executions he's done)

He knows that no matter who the US president is, he'd get stomped pretty quick if he fired a missle, much less a nuke, at the US. He has been taken aback by Trump's angry rhetoric.

The thing is, he never wants to use those missle and be put out of power. He just wants to wave them around for his own people's sake and to prove he's tough to them. He'd be a fool to actually use them.

The WORST thing that could happen is if Trump actually starts something preemptively. That compells China to act because of treaties with DPRK and we definitely don't want to fight China.

The best thing is to leave the baby alone and let him bluster all he wants.
I agree with a lot of what you said Katie. He has been exciting senior staff members and members of his own family who might oppose his rule. I also agree that he doesn't want to launch a full scale war either, bc he would lose power. But then again look at what Sadam Husain did.

Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
Let's face it, whether we go to war with Korea depends on largely whether China will allow it.

Don't they have the largest standing army on earth right now?
Wow I didn't think our army was that large! Should have known better Numbers is not everything though, but still I would rather not go to war with a Nuclear power.

Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
Not doing business with China would hurt us more than it would hurt them.
We uh...don't exactly make a whole lot of stuff in the US anymore.
I don't agree. We are the #2 Exporting Nation in the world behind China of course.
China economy has already been trending down while the U.S. is Trending up, also I believe we are China #1 importer. So if we closed off trade with them I think China's economy would collapse. Also the U.S. dollar is the Global Currency still. I think we could crush China Economically with sanctions. I think our economy would suffer some, but not like China.

Hopefully North Korea can be dealt with a peaceful resolution.
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