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This is a bummer, me and my family used to shop there for holidays or birthdays, that was when it was less expensive, don't know how much the toys cost now at the place. Yah know, I'm starting to regret the internet being so big as it is now, it shuts down a lot of places these days and gives cable ratings a run for it's money. Shows these days hardly get renuewed due to lack of ratings and marketing with people watching things online, don't get me wrong I use it too LOL I mean Nick and Disney take so dang long to rerun episodes that have just aired, any thing not named SpongeBob or Teen Titan Go but.

It gets worse with streaming, I don't want to pay for that to watch my favorite Disney shows or DC shows, I really wanted to see the Young Justice season three and Titans live action series but if it's only going to on the net and you have to pay for it UGH, I already have Netflix and Hulu on my bill to watch this stuff now your telling me I have to add more to watch things like Star V.S the Forces of evil or the new up coming Big Hero 6 show or other original Disney shows?
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