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On Sept. 11, it came to light that former Birth.Movies.Death editor Devin Faraci -- who stepped down from the Drafthouse-owened publication in October 2016 after an accusation of sexual misconduct -- has been subsequently employed by the Drafthouse as an in-house copywriter.

The ensuing scandal has cast a dark shadow on the Austin movie institution, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. One Fantastic Fest programmer resigned in protest, Faraci published and retracted a statement, Drafthouse owner Tim League explained his actions in re: Faraci, the apologized, then stated he wouldn't be attending Fantastic Fest.
This is why it came up.
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So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
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A lot just get older and older and angrier and angrier, all the while waiting for the world to bend to their whim, never, ever really being satisfied with any of the "victories" achieved at large and wondering why no one outside of whatever construct bubble they've placed themself [sic] (look, I did it!) in wants to mess with them.
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