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Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
Gotcha, I was actually lucky enough to nab one.

Also shout to Roseangelo for mentioning Target! I was 14th inline this morning worried I may not get one until they told me they 30-40
turns out they had 39!!!!
I'm glad you got yours. Very cool.

The one I ordered from Best Buy arrived today. The order I placed at GameStop also came through. When I was there to preorder, I thought they were just going to take ten preorders that day. It turned out that they took eighteen. They got twelve extra units for walk-ins. So that's thirty units total. Now that one was for this lady from my job who was also interested and asked me to keep her posted. So I made the preorder at GameStop with her in mind. So I totally made her day when I came in with it for her today.
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