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Which games have you spent the most hours in?

Video game systems have been keeping track of your playtime for a while now. So do me a favour and go check out how many hours you've logged into some of your most played games, please. If you don't mind it, that is. Or just give me an estimate if you cba to check it out

Now, obviously I can't know how many hours I've put into some of my favourite childhood games in the last 20+ years in total since older systems didn't keep track of that, so I'm just gonna mention the games I've logged the most hours in on Steam and my 3DS.

Stronghold Kingdoms: 428 hours
Football Manager 2011: 384 hours (16 full days and 51 minutes)
Animal Crossing: A New Leaf: 181:07 hours
Ultra Street Fighter IV: 158 hours

I'm kinda embarrassed to admit I spent so many hours of my life playing Stronghold Kingdoms. As for the rest of my list, not at all.

I'm positive I've put in countless hours into games such as Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros, Banjo-Kazooie, Star Fox 64, Mario Paint, Worms, Sim City, Sim City 2000, etc. when I was a kid, but the SNES; NES; Saturn and N64 didn't keep track of that, so I'll never know. That being said, I'm VERY POSITIVE I've broken the 100 hours barrier in the Sim City games and Worms. Maybe even SMW since I've played that game countless times in my life.

What about you?
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