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Humankind can only last so long with limited resources, and some less than others if they need medication and/or medical care that is currently impossible to access.

Recent passing thought:
"They want everything to be done for them..."
Imagine if the people who helped run his various properties quit and some of them (edit: the properties, not the people! lol) burst into flames and he's standing there wondering why the fire department isn't showing up and no one is trying to help... You own it, Trump, why do you want everything done for you?

Puerto Rico may be an island, but it's still part of the U.S. and we're still part of its wider community, no matter if a bit removed. That includes its government! Social creatures, esp humans, help each other when needed. If that is somehow "wrong" now, then we may as well call it quits on having a civilized world and society, head back to the woods, and become a solitary species.
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