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How often do you play mobile games?

As we all know by now, the mobile gaming market has been getting bigger in the last few years. Long are gone the days where the most groundbreaking game you could play on your mobile phone was Snake.

I must say, I haven't done much mobile gaming myself. The popular free ones such as Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, Sudoku mobile, etc. are useful if you have 8 mins to spare while waiting in line at the supermarket or if you're at the bus stop or waiting for the train at the tube/subway/metro; but that's it. I end up getting bored of them in days or so. And phone space is needed. I've also never paid for a microtransaction in a mobile game nor have I bought any mobile game.

I've tried the mobile version of the first ever Sonic game. It's not bad but I can't really get used to the touchscreen controls. I'd rather play it with an actual controller.

The two mobile games I've dedicated the most time to were New Soccer Star and a mobile version of Sim City. They've made some boring uni lectures much more bearable. But eventually I stopped playing them and realised "boy that was a waste of time".

What about you? And feel free to tell me about good mobile games I'm missing on. Please no pay-to-win games or games that are free to play but pay to win. Thanks.
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