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Originally Posted by ranger_scout View Post
The other night I watched "Declarations of Independence" and:

Danny is now divorced. Then I did some research and learned that Gail Edwards will be reprising her role as Vicky for this season. However, it will only be a guest appearance to give their relationship a more proper closure.

I knew she was slated to appear and could not figure out what the point would be unless it would be a chance meeting with D.J. that might direct her to Steve, seeing she had a chance with him as Danny did not with Vicky. Why have him divorce Teri and Vicky show up? It seems like a set up for them to be able to be together. Even if its just for one episode in the back half of the season. Unless Franklin goes the route of Joey and his college sweetheart showing their compatibility was limited to particular time in their lives. I did not see Danny's divorce coming. I do not see the point of Teri for one scene and two lines that sounds like Vicky. Lack of creative direction? Fans preferred him with Vicky? Its a 180 and has a retcon as it suggested she was only around for the house party before the three went to Los Angeles yet she would have been at the Tanner house for some time especially while D.J. was back under Dany's roof following Tommy's unexpected death.

I just found this podcast series if anyone is interested.
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