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well you made me watch it again, that video is a mess, watch it again and see how he chooses words because he knows he's filling in a lot of gaps and doesn't have the studies to understand it, he covers himself by saying "it's hard to see in the present", Leveraged Buyouts are also not necessarily a bad thing. He talks about Babies are us as if it somehow has some type of naming issue which couldn't be further from the truth and was in fact more important than TRU itself saleswise. Thing is he is not on the "inside" either.

He's not wrong in all of the things he says but he just misinforms all those people who watched it with his guesses. The thing is he misses the biggest point which is sales of Babies R Us slowing down, mostly due to competition from the internet, target, & Walmart. Toys have been selling less and less but that's not the biggest factor, sales of toys were not a big concern. So yeah, that video mostly angered me since he tries to come off as being in the know while covering his ass in almost every way possible through out it.

There were plenty of articles about it and he does seem to do research but he totally missed the mark, I guess he's just used to analyzing companies that are already dead. Coldfusion and another youtuber do the whole Armchair CEO thing a bit better. Also be wary of FAKE news, I think it was the USA today that was reporting that AR was TRU's new bet to get out of Bankrupcy which is all false since that had been in the works for over a year but that doesn't get clicks so you know, FAKE news gotta FAKE news.
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