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Why the hell did it take me so long to check out Archer?

Like seriously, WHAT THE HELL?! This cartoon series is pretty funny. I love how they're all jerks to each other . I normally don't watch much stuff that airs on tv these days, but I've been trying to break that habit lately and feel like checking a few shows. I decided to check out Archer because I had heard good things about it.

I'm only about 6 episodes in or so and I'm glad I have about 8 seasons to watch of this show. I hope it keeps its consistency all the way through.

Who else likes Archer here? I remember plastroncafe and Cylons saying they were fans of it. And I believe they told me I should check it otu someday

Archer Sterling is a great character. On episode 3 or 4 when he kept wondering if Conway had sex with his mother as Conway tried to escape by helicopter I was dying. Conway was even like "WHAT? That's the only question you have?!"

So yeah, this is now the official Archer thread. How many fans of it are here?
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