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So...there's a band that covers pop and rock songs in Gregorian chant style's awesome???

My Immortal? Extra goth, reduced emo!

This one is running wild on tumblr and blowing minds with its awesomeness

Heaven Is a Place On Earth? No longer distracting me with how I could make a parody anime opening animatic with it!

Is this the song The Last Unicorn deserves? Yes it is!

A Bright Eyes probably more appropriate for the nature of Watership Down than Art Garfunkel's original

How do you make My Heart Will Go On bad@$$? This way!

(Probably my favorite one so far)

Finally an Into the West that's in my singing range

I mean, I can get the more gothy songs translating well to Gregorian style, but they can nail the stuff that logically wouldn't.
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