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Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
Congrats on scoring the monster figs. And your not the first or last to be fooled by Target's notoriously misleading online system.
Thanks! Plus yeah, I bet. I was skeptical they had a Muckman to begin with...but I had to try.

Originally Posted by useasneeded4pain View Post
Targetís DPCI for the TMNT line all link back to the same assortment. Their website even had the unreleased Ice Cream Kitty pack listed for awhile (it might still be on there) using the same DPCI as the other figures.
I can only imagine how many fans had their hopes dashed by this DPCI system, haha. Seeing the "In Stock" made my heart jump slightly. Still, I had that feeling it was most likely too good to be true.
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