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Sounds awesome, Duckie!

The shorts, eh, (edit: also those are really right up there a bit, aren't they - ouch lol don't sit down) but agree that top is pretty cool! If there was a plus size, I esp know a sibling that would love that.

Was poking around eBay for cheap, fun stocking stuffer ideas. Look at these cat paw socks!


10/6 - Since it warmed back up to 80 today (so I could use the hose outside to clean up the bucket, etc), finally got to making the fish-shaped stepping stone for where my fish was buried.

I needed a wooden paint stir stick, but those seem weirdly had to find. (Maybe at a hardware store only? But not worth going all the over there just for that... Then my luck prob still fail to find it.) The stepping stone kit I have came with one years ago, but it had broken. However... turned out that a cheap wooden spatula makes a better replacement.

Bonus happy maker...

Grabbed a cool Halloween prop weapon at Walmart today that I'd seen the other day and was kind of wishing I'd gotten since it was only $5.98.

Remember those toys, esp play kitchen stuff and toy baby bottles, that had the liquid in them that when turned upside down it would disappear? How about a katana (or maybe more accurately one of its shorter siblings) with a liquid filled blade with the same effect? Drains into the handle. Kinda sick, and yet kinda awesome.

Not sure I've ever seen an inexpensive plastic toy sword get such a nice stock photo. lol (Taken from Walmart's site.)

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