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I don't know about how the replacements have fared and everybody can have their arguments over the success or failure all they want, but it must be pointed out that they can't rely on the old guard forever. They can't. The market has been shrinking for a long time because they've focused solely on them and haven't added new readers. Sooner or later, the old guard are going to get too old and fall out of the hobby for one reason or another, or die, and comics will need people to replace them, or it will disappear. If their current efforts haven't worked out, try something else, I guess, but retreating to a comfort zone is going to be dangerous for them eventually.
while i agree that you can't rely on old fans forever, people can smell a stunt a mile away. and if it has bad writing to boot, people will avoid it a mile away.

what the comic industry needs right now is people who can tell good stories, and leave their personal virtue signaling at the door.

We need more static shocks and less Riri's.

Digital sales actually make it EASIER to check out new books, I think. Makes it feel like less of a wasted purchase if you didn't wind up liking it.

I check out an issue of the Superwoman comic with lois lane, just to see how they'd handle it(because I like the idea of lois getting powers), and i probably never would have bought that in the store.
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