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Originally Posted by Zog The Magnificent View Post
This is more of a production question, but as someone who has helped create a comic, you would know. My friend and I are trying to create a comic of our own, and I was wondering: how far would you recommend we plot out the story? Neither of us can agree. Thanks!
This is an entirely personal question! As much of a story as you see fit! In terms of pitching to a publisher, I'd say formatting it for a mini-series, (4-6 issues) with potential for more to follow if the first is successful is a good way to go. Warning bells always go off when new writers say that the series has to be 10 to 12 or more issues. That's too much of a commitment for an unproven series. But if you frame it like a four issue series, with potential for two more four issue series, that's much more agreeable.
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