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IDW is the top for me. Tom Waltz blows me away the way Alan Moore did when I read his Swamp Thing run. This is the definitive TMNT in my book.

Then comes the 1990 movie... the tone of that film makes it one of my favorite movies of all time.

3rd would be TMNT 2K3. But I only like the first four seasons.

Lastly but certainly not least is the Mirage Volume 1 (the Eastman and Laird stuff) and Tales Vol. 1. I prefer April as a scientist or science student (as in IDW)

I (kind of) like the 87 show's first season maybe slightly. I like what the 87 show did for its popularity and the aesthetics that it brought to TMNT.

The rest is just not my bag. I'm not really the audience for silliness.
“The Foot Clan is very resourceful… and has knowledge of a great many skills. Some from the time of legends and myth... Some from the time of logic and science. Together all things are possible.” – Oroku Saki, Mirage Vol.1 #21, Return to New York Part III
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