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2 - 2003 Series: Seasons 1-5 are the best in my opinion! The Introduction to main-stayers like Hun and Bishop are major reasons for loving this series. Plus it expanded aspects from the original mirage comics to GREATER heights.
3 – 1990 Feature Film: The ONLY worthy TMNT film; II-III were too kid-friendly, CGI a bit to off-topic and the less said about the Bay films the better (even if they brought Krang, Stockman , Bebop and Rocksteady to the big screen).
4 - Adventure Comics: To be fair, I haven’t read all of these comics, but certain storys (Future Shark Trilogy/ Terracide) and characters (Mighty Mutanimals, Null and Armaggon) make this a VERY interesting universe.
5 - 1987 Series: First series I ever watched, but looking back at it, only Seasons 1-2 and 7-8 are worth the watch; the rest is just too SILLY.
6 - Mirage Comics: The original TMNT… just stick to the original volume/ tales and ignore must of the Guest Era.
7 - 2012 Series: I only liked Season 1; after the original writers left, the plot went all over the place.
8 - Next Mutation: Interesting original characters… just WAYYYYY too "Power Rangers" for my taste.
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