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Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
Was it the entire workprint of Beetlejuice? I've seen some of the different scenes that popped up, but never the entire cut.

The Barron/Menke edit is one of my holy grails.
I've only seen individual scenes as well. There are three of them that I know of. The first is an alternate scene where instead of Alec Baldwin walking into a desert and encountering a sandworm, he ends up in some sort of abstract blackness with turning cogs. The second scene is Lydia being ridiculed by her stepmom for "cutting holes" in her sheets. And the third is Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis hanging from the window to hide from everybody as they do in the final cut, except there is a brief moment where a sandworm is attacking them.

From what I understand, this cut is floating around somewhere, but I could be wrong. These scenes are definitely from it, so someone got their hands on it.

I would love to see the Barrons/Menke cut, as well. And, jeeze, is it too much ask for some special features?
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