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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
I've hated that part ever since I was a little kid. Not only was it totally foolish on Leo's part, but Shredder had him dead to rights for an easy killing blow, but he just kicked him to the side.
I don't know...I've never minded that part. If anything, that one sequence reminds me in that moment that these turtles are still kids in most respects. They may be trained ninjas, but they are still teenagers and that often comes with a lot of emotional turmoil. Considering their mentor/father figure was kidnapped (and presumed killed) and the kidnapper was taunting them, an irrational lashing out seems right in line with the age of the character.

As for why Shredder didn't kill Leo in that moment...I thought it was pretty clear. Shredder even admitted that "The three of you could have overpowered me with the loss of but one". If he'd have killed Leo immediately, he'd still have 3 pissed armed ninjas to deal with and there was a chance he'd lose. By keeping Leo alive, Shredder leveraged his position to disarm the turtles, taking away an edge they had. Keeping Leo alive was a tactical move. He did it to increase his odds of victory.
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