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It's not about gaining footage. It's about artistic intentions.

Movies are shot with the intention of a certain aspect ratio. Yes, it's true that many films were shot using Super 35, in which the cells were 1:33:1, and then cropped, as it was intended. One of the conveniences of Super 35 was it didn't necessarily have to be Pan & Scanned for the VHS releases, back when TV were 1:33:1, which has been outdated for over a decade now, even longer technically. It was a necessary evil that most of us had to live with because that's the way TVs were designed at the time. To someone who cares about movies, 16:9 TVs were a welcome change.

Furthermore, The X-Files was a TV show. The first several seasons were filmed and intentionally cropped for 4:3 and later seasons were filmed with intention of 16:9. However, if I recall this is a special case because they had hoped to use the 16:9 frame one day. A TV show thinking about such a thing is a rarity. Take Friends, for example. It was shot in 16:9, but the early seasons never intended to use the full picture, so outside the 4:6 boundary, there were crew members, actors out of character, parts of the set, etc. For HD broadcasts, they attempted to use the original uncropped footage, but the flubs were clearly visible. So when it came time to do the Blu Ray version, they had to reframe it. This is most likely true of most shows at the time.

The same thing happened to Super 35 and VHS. A couples examples I can think of are Jaws the Revenge (one uncropped shot revealed the inner workings and mechanical track of the shark) and TMNT (the top of the NYC backdrop during Shredder's POV charge). I'm pretty sure Child's Play and Spaceballs were a couple of other examples that revealed new flubs in their fullscreen versions.

Most importantly, a fullscreen option is pointless with TMNT '90. Its ratio is 1:85:1 which isn't a far cry from the 16:9 ratio, which all TVs have now.

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