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The Nick show was highly successful and it was promoted on a mainstream channel like Nickelodeon. Given they're starting another new TMNT cartoon immediately after the first Nick show ended, it seemed like they wanted TMNT on the air for a long time.

I thought instead of doing a quick reboot they would just continue making new seasons of the current show for a few more years. If you stop to think about it doing a quick rebranding with whatever they 2018 show turns out to be wouldn't be much different than if the Nick show went on another few seasons.

I'm willing to bet when the 2018 show starts the ratings after maybe the first few episodes won't be much different than the Nick cartoon got. Some people will probably check out the first few episodes out of curiosity to see how the show is or how different it is from past series, and then just the fans will stick with it as usual.
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