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What 2k3 did do is make Mirage-only characters mainstream for the first time. Nowadays it's easy to forget this was the cartoon debut of Karai, the first proper showcasing of the Triceratons, Fugitoid, Renet and Savanti romero all got their cartoon debuts.

We got a more accurate version of Usagi Yojimbo, the debut of the Utroms and not just Krang, the first black Baxter Stockman in cartoons as he should be, the debut of the Shredder clones, human Foot Soldiers for an entire series, Splinter in his Mirage origin, etc.

The 2k3 series made a lot of Mirage-only concepts mainstream. Likewise new characters like Bishop and Hun became TMNT staples, as they're also in the current IDW comics.
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