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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post

Dunno if this is a good analogy, but the 2k3 series was the Nintendo GameCube. The GC was sorta like Nintendo's wet dream or something. Something they made mostly for Nintendo gamers and such. It wasn't trying to topple the PS2 in sales. While the Nick series was the Wii. Notice how the Wii also sold like hot cakes in the first couple of years and then lots of people regretted or let it collecting dust? Similar to the Nick series being very popular in the first two seasons and then dropping in popularity.
I mean I was always busy Sunday so I would watch the TMNT 2012 show on Xfinity on DEmand. Of course they stopped doing that after season 3, so I didn't catch ANY of season 4 or 5 which is a damn shame. gonna have to get me the season sets when I can.
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