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I liked this issue a lot, I don't see Splinter making bad decisions at all. Working with Bishop to remove the alien threat makes a lot of sense, and he told Jennika not to kill Bishop. It's not like he's doing anything wrong. Also Splinter isn't aware of the Triceratons fighting alongside the Turtles/Neutrinos in Dimension X either.

I'm glad we're gearing toward a full scale Triceraton invasion, it's always been my favorite part of their characters. The parts with Baxter working with the Turtles was nice too, especially with Baxter only helping people for money.

Lastly as much as I like IDW's Bishop so far, I still feel like he needs a big arc to himself. His backstory is still ambiguous (is he a human cyborg?), and lacks the shades of gray 2k3 Bishop had with experiments on humans and government projects, although we'll probably get that stuff eventually in later arcs. So I'm excited to see where that goes.

Overall great issue and this is shaping up to be a much better arc than the Trial of Krang was.
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