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Are the Turtles just basically normal human teenagers and should they be gauged as such?

Of course not, that's dumb. That's always been dumb. Every time I hear that (whether it's from creators or fans), this expectation of "I really want the Turtles to act like teenagers," it's just ill-thought out and dumb, dumb, dumb.

Did the Turtles spend their adolescence lusting after a bunch of human ladies?

No, not really. They were probably too busy training day in, day out to one day kill Oroku Saki. Again, these aren't normal human teenagers going to high school and taking Suzie to the prom or playing after school sports... that's a dumb expectation. None of the formative things growing up that happen to normal human teenagers would have ever happened to the TMNT. The closest example would be... I dunno, find like some monastic brothers who were home-schooled all of their adolescence and teenager years and not allowed to ever leave the house.

Would the Turtles ever be attracted to females?

Sure. There's plenty of examples of that.

But surely they'd be attracted to human females?

Not really. And despite the "Leonardo gets with Radical in the future" thing that slipped through the cracks when Laird was not at the helm and temporarily not doing approvals, there was always a very hard line from the TMNT creators about "The TMNT do NOT bang or lust after humans." Mikey saying, "Whatta babe!" to someone he sees on the TV is one thing, actively going after and pursuing romantic and/or sexual relationships with them is quite another.
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