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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
I always assumed "Ultimate Ninja" was a self-proclaimed title. Dude was full of himself.
Yeah thats very true. Very full of himself. And you know I also forgot, there was also the ninja tribunal (all ninja masters). I don't think he could've defeated any of them, unless they are counted as Gods and no longer mortals.

Originally Posted by ABrown View Post
What always confused me about that episode is that he challenged Leonardo to a mortal dual. Yet the little annoying guy kept doing that "battle nexus rules clearly state". But they weren't battling according to battle nexus rules. The battle nexus ensures that no one is mortally injured.
I didn't realize that, but good point. I think that was the keeping it PG. But makes sense. If you kill everyone that you defeat, being alive must mean you're best right? LOL

Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
I don't like the idea of the turtles being the "most skilled warriors in the Universe, galaxy or even Earth. To me, they're just four underestimated fighters. But sure, they shall kick butt!

Same with the idea of turtles saving the Universe. Their ultimate mission should be to save Earth from extraterrestrials with rayguns. That's a great balance.
I see your point, I guess that is why the turtles typically don't have any titles - other than Mikey being the Battle Nexus Champion, Splinter, and Hamato Yoshi sharing this title.

I do like the fact that they still remain relative unknowns.
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