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Originally Posted by dragonside View Post
I see your point, I guess that is why the turtles typically don't have any titles - other than Mikey being the Battle Nexus Champion, Splinter, and Hamato Yoshi sharing this title.

I do like the fact that they still remain relative unknowns.
Same with-Hamato Yoshi-Splinter. An underestimated old? man-rat (depends of version) who sure knows how to defend himself! Having him disappear from Earth just to stand well against the greatest warriors of all time and space doesn't match that. (I prefer Splinter being a globetrotter like the MWS series and Archie comics instead of full with mysticism but I know it's hard writing him that way if he isn't Hamato Yoshi)

Similair should apply to all the friends and enemies of the turtles.
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