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Originally Posted by slingtheory View Post
As a proud leonardo fanboy I'm 100% on board with him being crowned ultimate ninja of the multiverse. But I'm pretty sure the ultimate ninjas title was probably self given so beating him doesn't really mean anything officially
Yeah man, I am a big fan of Leo, and that would've been really cool. But not official.

Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
So if Daimyo is said to have introduced ninjutsu to Earth, ninjutsu is of extraterrestrial origin.I prefer it to be of Earth origin.
I guess ancient aliens..LOL. I guess they tried to tie in with the tengu legends. I imagine the real origins of ninjutsu are man-made. Just like most martial arts. Being an assassin makes much more sense as some one inventing it for a certain "need".
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