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Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
On the other hand, in future timelines where the turtles enter society, I could see him participating with humans in international research groups of scientists and inventors.
Agreed. definitely a very prominent member.

Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Not really, since Leo wasn't out to prove anything himself and just got pulled into it because the guy was mad at him for killing Shredder, his actual intended opponent. (Though I've always wondered how he came about wanting to battle Shredder in the first place.)
Thats the weird thing too, wasn't the shredder trapped on Earth? He was just as stuck as the utroms..... Then again, his name was known across the Galaxy sort of (Duke Acureds etc.)

Originally Posted by sdp View Post
They somehow knew Leo killed Shredder but they didn't know Shredder was an Utrom?
Isn't that convenient. Especially since Oroku Saki at best would be... Earth based. Now, maybe they consider Earth History and Ninja History to be the thing that is well known. But the battle nexus seems to be not only multi-dimensional but also across major planets (i.e. triceratons also know and have access to it).
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