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Could Venus De Milo Be Brought Back?

With Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming this year there's been the obvious controversy over making April black in this iteration. We can assume in this day and age it is Nick trying to be progressive but it made me think back to when they added Venus de Milo to The Next Mutation.

Now one of the major reasons that series is disliked so much is because they added a female Turtle. In retrospect we can say it didn't really work due firstly because of the characters controversial origin to the TMNT was a misstep and secondly adding a female Turtle was seen as a gimmick. I mention Venus because in today's entertainment where gender swapping is all the range and adding female counterparts is seen as progressive I wonder what is there to stop Nick from bringing Venus back either in Rise or a future iteration of the franchise?

I guess my question is sooner or later this might happen and what will fans think? Is adding a female Turtle to the franchise progressive or just a political gimmick? But also if the reaction is that of TNM could the fans incur the wrath of mainstream media outlets for not being progressive enough such as understandably Ghostbusters fans and Doctor Who fans have? How would that make you feel?
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