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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
I'm just gonna point out how this thread:
Was still in the top three rows below the stickys before this one got started. I know duplicate topics can be a bit of a problem around here, but this is just laughable.
Please re-read my original post since the link you and Candy Kappa have provided has almost nothing to do with what I'm asking.

To clarify I'm not asking whether Venus should be brought back or whether she could work today, I am asking that since sooner or later her inclusion will happen due to the necessary/unnecessary progressiveness of media entertainment today how will fans react and if it's the same reaction as back in the late 90's how will fans react to the mainstream media doing a Ghostbusters 2016 or Doctor Who by labeling us all misogynists when it has nothing to do with that but more creative integrity? Are the purist views of Venus correct today? Would you feel frustrated or angry that the mainstream media would paint the fans in such a way or would you brush it off as "well the mainstream media is out of touch with it's fans anyway".
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