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I think I understand your question, but I don't know that it strictly required the creation of a new thread in order to explore it.

There's nothing inherently wrong with a female mutant ninja turtle. There's also nothing inherently progressive about one either. It all comes down to context and presentation. Basically, it's what you do with a character that matters.

For examples from the MCU:
M'Baku and The Mandarin are both racial caricatures that have been given new life, and in my opinion new depth, via their movie adaptations.

I think Venus could go a similar way, but it would depend on how she was handled. I wouldn't trust her to a writer who didn't think a show could exist with more than two female characters on it, for instance.

And I say that as someone who haaaaaaated Venus.

What I'm curious about is what you're specifically asking:
Are you talking about Venus in particular? How she might be viewed from either a mainstream, or a specific audience?

Or are you asking if a character like Venus would have a different reception now, than she did then?
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