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Here's some behind-the-scenes TMNT #88 trivia for anyone who's interested:

I had already written the Slash death scene -- and, yes, he IS dead -- and turned it in to Bobby for his review. I was actually on vacation with my family in lovely Sedona, AZ and I was feeling a bit sad after finishing the script. Poor Slash. But then Bobby shot me an email and suggested we have Mikey give Slash a candy bar before he leaves for that final, fatal flight if I thought I could fit it in. It was genius. And it was a gut punch. I sat down and re-wrote the scene and literally got misty-eyed as I was typing it all out. It was far more poignant and heartbreaking the second time around with that little sugarcoated callback to when we all first met Slash in our IDW TMNT run. Sometimes it's the littlest details that make something so big, so dramatic. Poor Slash.

More surprises to come on the Road to 100.

Talk soon...

Tom W.
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