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List of Upcoming Turtle toys!

This is a list of toys scheduled for April to December of 2004, straight from Playmates!

april/ may 2004
stone biter
razor fist
evil turtlebot
toddler turtles ( 4-pack)
fire foot mystic
giant mouser

july/august 2004
silver sentry
turtle titan mike
dr. malignus
shredder clone w/ 4 arms
triceraton guard
triceraton soldier
water foot mystic

sept/oct. 2004
space hoppin' leo, mike, don, raph
wind foot mystic
usagi yojimbo

mouser 6-pack
guardian ninja
splinter in cryo-tube
shredder clone with claws
earth foot mystic

[Thanks to E-money for the scoop!]
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